About MYSC

About MYSC

Welcome to Majestic Youth Sports Center! We are a leading youth performance center specializing in gymnastics, wrestling, dance, and cheerleading in Willis and Conroe, TX.

Our experienced and dedicated coaches are passionate about helping young people realize their talent and reach their goals. We offer classes in a variety of skill levels and activities, allowing every student to find their perfect match. With a safe and nurturing space and professional instruction, Majestic Youth Sports Center empowers young athletes to develop skills and achieve their dreams.

Our facility is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure that each student gets the most out of their experience. Our staff is committed to facilitating the growth and success of each and every student, inspiring them to explore their full potential. In addition to our classes and coaching, we also offer a variety of additional activities such as camps, birthday parties, tumbling classes, and more! No matter what your child’s interests are, we have something to offer them.

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Majestic Core Values

Majestic Core Values

Integrity is one of the core values of Majestic Youth Sports Center. We firmly believe that our success and reputation rests in the honesty and trustworthiness of our team and our clients. We tell the truth in all of our business dealings and will not compromise our moral compass under any circumstances.

Leadership is another core value that Majestic Youth Sports Center prizes. We recognize that leadership requires taking initiative and responsibility, setting a good example, and providing guidance to others. We strive to foster leadership among our team by encouraging innovative and strategic thinking, seeking out opportunities for growth and recognizing achievements when they are made.

Excellence is yet another core value of Majestic Youth Sports Center. We strive to provide the highest quality of service to our customers and believe this results in client satisfaction and growth. We constantly analyze and assess our products and services and look for ways to make them even better.

Teamwork is our final core value. We believe that collaboration and communication between our team members leads to higher engagement and greater efficiency. We encourage our employees to share ideas, offer feedback, and work together to ensure that the highest standards are met. We take pride in our team’s success and recognize the importance of welcoming diverse perspectives and expertise.

MYSC Leadership

At Majestic Youth Sports Center, our leadership is dedicated to providing the best possible service and experience for our athletes. Our core team is comprised of experienced industry professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insight to MYSC. Our management team includes seasoned professionals from a variety of backgrounds, from operations to marketing and customer service. Each team member has a strong passion for providing excellent customer service and effective business solutions. Our leadership is dedicated to forging strong and lasting relationships with our customers, and our commitment to excellence is evident in every area of Majestic Youth Sports Center

  • Robyn Patterson

    Robyn Patterson

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jerry Patterson

    Jerry Patterson

    XCEL Director

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