Gymnastics courses tailored for girls offer a gateway for your daughter into the realm of gymnastics. We emphasize honing physical prowess, strength, and coordination in a secure, enjoyable, and supportive setting. Young participants grasp the basics of gymnastics, from flexibility and balance to agility, coupled with essential techniques like safe falling and landing. Our sessions familiarize them with every gymnastics apparatus, including bars, beams, floor routines, vaults, and trampolines.

School Age Gymnastics

School Age Gymnastics

For girls aged 6 and above, we present a gymnastics program designed to enhance balance, coordination, concentration, self-discipline, self-assurance, physical strength, flexibility, and punctuality. Moreover, we emphasize future-centric abilities like goal-setting, teamwork, accountability, and problem-solving. Every participant will leave with heightened confidence and a bolstered determination for future successes. Starting in our introductory gymnastics session, your child will ascend through the ranks, experiencing a journey marked by safety, consistency, and enjoyment!

School Age Gymnastics

Activities such as handstands and walking across a balance beam are essential components of any gymnastics class, teaching children to coordinate their body and how to stay steady in various positions.

School Age Gymnastics

Gymnastics classes develop flexibility and teach body control techniques, improving overall range of motion.

School Age Gymnastics
Strength and Control

Complex exercises such as handstands require both strength and control, which gymnastics classes help develop.

School Age Gymnastics

Quickly changing directions, jumping, leaping, and landing require agility, which are all part of regular gymnastics classes.

School Age Gymnastics
Creative Expression

Gymnastics helps children express themselves creatively by choreographing and performing their own routines.


Through activities involving hand-eye coordination and motor planning, gymnastics classes help children to better coordinate muscular and mental responses.


In gymnastics classes, students learn to focus and stay attentive to the instructor, helping them to develop self-control and good listening skills.

Form and Appearance

In order to perform gymnastics skills effectively, children will learn the proper form and appearance for each exercise.


By pushing themselves to achieve muscles goals, children develop the confidence and self-esteem necessary to face any challenge.


Through a combination of strength and conditioning exercises, stretching, and cardio activities, students learn how to increase their endurance to help them better achieve their goals in gymnastics.

Mental focus

Gymnastics classes require mental endurance, as children have to focus on a task or skill for a period of time to master it.

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Freshman Gymnastics

6 years old - 14 years old

Each class will be filled with working on different skills on all events (beam, floor, bars & vault). These skills will improve your students strength, coordination and more inside and outside the gym.

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Sophomore Gymnastics (Invite/Tryout)

6 years old - 14 years old

After your student masters/completes 90% of the freshman gymnastics skills then they will be moved up to our sophomore class.

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Junior Gymnastics (Invite/Tryout)

6 years old - 14 years old

After your student masters/completes 90% of the sophomore gymnastics skills then they will be moved up to our junior class.

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